"a multi - media business entity"
"a multi - media business entity"

Live reggae band and videos to market kroffirecords music business through internet reggae radio and social media network. Reggae music for your listening & dancing. Jangala Roots been doing great reggae concerts and tours in Canada, Ireland, live in London, Brazil, Africa and performed with Roots Vibration, Jolly Boys Og, Anthony b, and the Wailing Souls.

We make every effort in always providing our customers with the best value and quality services.

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Our solid experience in the field and the long list of previous projects run, recommend us as a reliable business partner. By choosing our team, you will benefit from our expertise, dedication and high availability throughout your projects. Feel confident that together we will accelerate your business development towards the right direction.
Sheet Music Plus - 900,000 titles!

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Kroffi Records, LLC

Jangala Roots | Reggae Band.

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CvsRadio1 is a worldwide streaming radio station for your listening and dancing mood. With the blessings of jah we will continue to give the artist airplay online.
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