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We are happy to be apart of your new musical journey, CvsRadio1 is filling a gap in the industry by offering an affordable professional radio service.

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An affordable and professional live audio streaming solution. Listen to the one-drop streaming platform for roots reggae music, interviews, live broadcasts, and scheduled music programs.


If you love reggae music, you've come to the right place, tune in now and experience the most high Rastafari music. We offer the same high-quality live audio streaming service as any other company, but at a fraction of the cost!


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Rise Again

Dubmatix - war peace & Dub feat. Rasta Reuben

Rise up people

Saving Jah World

Love The Way You Walk

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Welcome to CvsRadio1, an affordable and professional live audio streaming solution. Internet radio hosting and streaming reggae radio with the best in new music & classic old school jamaican rasta music. You can catch our live broadcast on Tuesdays at 7am pst. + Fridays 5pm pst. for music talk and shoutout to friends and family.


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